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Immigration Training

CITAThe demand for immigration services is great. The potential for a career in assisting individuals with immigration is also great. Canadian Immigration Training Academy‘s (CITA) training programs are not designed only for those seeking an academic or technical understanding of Canadian immigration.

CITA programs are designed to provide participants enrolled with practical skills and knowledge of Canadian immigration legislation and all immigration programs so they can provide excellent representation and assistance to immigration clients.

CITA programs will also help prepare participants to CSIC (Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants) Ethics and Knowledge Tests in order to be licensed.

Canadian Immigration Training Academy provides a supportive educational environment where individual differences are valued, allowing all students to achieve and contribute to their fullest potential.

Life is about choices. Make the right choices and you can achieve your wildest dreams, make the wrong choices and well, you know what happens. Why not give yourself a real opportunity to realize your dreams by making a good choice now?

If the answer to any of the below questions is YES, CITA is the right choice!

  • Are you interested in receiving training on the ‘practical’ delivery of immigration services to clients in Canada or abroad, including case studies?
  • Are you interested in more than just an academic or technical understanding of Canadian immigration?
  • Are you interested in a career assisting individuals with immigration applications or other services?
  • Are you presently an immigration consultant and wish to enhance your expertise to better serve immigration clients?
  • Are you presently working for a not for profit organization or agency assisting members of the community in immigration matters?
  • Do you aspire to have a career in government, particularly with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration?
  • Are you presently employed with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration but wish to achieve a position as a specialist, or senior/higher level positions?
  • Do you have a general interest in learning about Canadian Immigration from both an academic and practical perspective?


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