The federal and provincial/territorial governments have created immigration programs for business people looking to work or settle in Canada.  The government’s focus is on achieving significant economic, cultural, and social benefits through these programs. Examples of pathways to permanent residence which Solutions Immigration Consulting can assist you with include:

  • Federal Start-Up Visa
  • Federal Self-Employed Person
  • Various Provincial Entrepreneurial Programs

Canadian-based businesses looking to hire foreign nationals must first receive permission from the Canadian government.  Solutions Immigration Consulting can assist with:

  • Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA)
  • Temporary Foreign Work Permit Applications
  • Work Permits under the International Mobility Program (LMIA Exempt). Examples of LMIA exempt permits based on International Trade Agreements are:

               – Canadian Interests-Significant Benefit

              – Intra-Company Transfer 

              – Professionals

              – Investors/Traders


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